Innovative Power Solutions

Innovative Power Solutions is a consulting engineering company specializing in power electronics. Power Electronics
is an enabling technology used extensively to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, & increase productivity for industrial
and field applications. It is the application of innovative power conversion and control technologies to control electrical
energy for your purposes. IPS offers 25 years industry & field experience offering PE solutions across industrial,
transportation, communications, petroleum and renewable and remote power generation sectors.

When do I need to use a custom solution?

The up-front investment in a custom solution can pay off if your power electronics cost is above $0.50/Watt, if you have reliability or performance issues, or if you are using off the shelf devices that are “overkill” for your application. A custom solution is also beneficial if you have unique requirements not met by commodity products – e.g. an unusual power supply voltage; a load or power source that has unique characteristics that a standard power supply, inverter, or converter cannot deal with satisfactorily.

Would it not cost less to buy off the shelf?

Yes, sometimes. There is a large variety of power supplies, inverters, drives, etc. available. If a commodity power supply or other product meets your needs, and has a diverse market for its applications, then it will likely be lower cost than a custom solution. However, sometimes you need to modify the product, use additional components, or get a product that is over rated or has a number of features you don't use. In these cases there may be cost savings in designing something that precisely meets your needs. Even if an off the shelf power supply meets your requirements, the cost may still be high if the product has a limited market and does not enjoy the advantages of economies of scale.

What is a reasonable price to pay for power electronics?

When purchased in sufficient volume, power supplies, inverters, and other devices rated 1000W and higher can be obtained for as low as US$0.20/Watt. In lower volume applications, $0.50/Watt is a reasonable target price to meet. Although $1/Watt has often been given as a guideline, this cost is only justified if the power electronics is highly specialized and in unique application. If you are paying more than $0.50/Watt, it is likely a custom design could save you money.

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